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    Description of DTC code U1102 Generic

    The vehicle controllers communicate through the Serial Communication Protocol (SCP), which is known as the J1850 bus, or CAN (Control Area Network) bus. These communication systems can be fault-tolerant but usually are not, indicating that an intermittent or loose connection can cause communication between the controllers to be interrupted.

    The U1102 OBDII fault code setting is due to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) not being able to establish communication with another controller on the CAN bus while the power switch is on.

    Symptoms of fault code U1102 Generic

    • Check Engine light illumination.
    • The engine may turn over but will not start.
    • Instrument panel gauges do not function properly.
    • Power window locks are intermittently malfunctioning.
    • Unable to communicate the PCM with a scanner.

    Causes of OBD2 U1102 Generic

    The factors for which the U1102 OBD2 diagnostic code is stored are:

    • The ignition switch may have damage to its electrical connections.
    • The CAN bus circuit may be shorted, due to burnt or damaged wires.
    • The PCM or BCM may have intermittent or poor connections.
    • The instrument panel may have damaged connections.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code U1102 Generic

    To give the respective solution to the DTC U1102 OBDII code you should take into account the following:

    • To start the diagnosis you should consult the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).
    • Check the components of the electrical circuit of the ignition switch. If you find defects such as burns, wear, or corrosion, make the necessary corrections.
    • Based on the information provided in the service manual, locate all wires that are related to the CAN bus network and proceed to perform a thorough inspection. Repair any of these that have obvious damage.
    • Check the connections of the Powertrain Control Module, Body Control Module, and Instrument Cluster. Repair any defects in the wiring or connectors of these circuits.


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