Description of DTC code U0005

The CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) connects all the control devices in the car without using a host computer. The controllers connected to this network communicate by transmitting operating data, which already contain predetermined messages to be sent via the serial data circuits. Two wires called CAN high and CAN low are used for this network. When these lines are at rest, both have 2.5v, but in operation 3.75v and 1.25v respectively.

When the U0005 OBD2 fault code is set, it means that the high-speed CAN communication bus (+) has experienced a high voltage condition.

Symptoms of fault code U0005

  • Check Engine light ON.
  • Problems with engine ignition.
  • Unstable engine performance.

Causes of OBD2 U0005

Reasons for storing the U0005 OBDII diagnostic code:

  • Wiring or connectors associated with the high CAN bus could be damaged.
  • The voltage generated by the battery may be deficient.
  • A control module may be in poor condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code U0005

Steps to solve the DTC U0005 OBD2 code:

  • Consult the TSBs to begin the diagnosis.
  • Using a scan tool, check if next to code U0005 other codes are set that may signal problems with the CAN-Bus. In this case, take into account the order shown for the diagnosis.
  • Check if the voltage delivered by the battery matches the voltage specified by the manufacturer in its specifications. If you discover inconsistencies with this value, check that it is not due to damage to the battery. Make the corresponding adjustments.
  • Inspect all high CAN bus wiring for conditions created by wear or burns. If you discover such deficiencies, make the appropriate corrective actions.

Codes related to U0005

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