Terms and Conditions

This section describes the terms and conditions that govern the use (in any form) of the portal fixtroublecodes.com, as well as the relationship between the portal and / or its owners or administrators with the people who use it, according to the role they assume (according to the definitions adopted here). This text constitutes, in its entirety, the only contract in terms of the topics dealt with here, but with different scopes depending on the performance of the parties involved.


For a better understanding of these terms and conditions, we establish the following definitions, which are valid throughout the text even in their plural version (when applicable):

  1. fixtroublecodes.com: May refer indistinctly, according to the context and obligations under the law, to:
  2. The web page or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) fixtroublecodes.com, also referred to as "the portal" or "this web".
  3. The trademark or trademarks associated with fixtroublecodes.com or any other related.

All or any of the members, administrators or owners of fixtroublecodes.com.

  1. USER: A natural or legal person who accesses the URL fixtroublecodes.com and completes and sends the data collection form(s) to request information or contract services.

VISITOR: A natural person who, in general terms, accesses the URL fixtroublecodes.com regardless of the type or level of interaction with the portal, or even in its absence.


The web portal fixtroublecodes.com is property and is under the administration of the commercial company EMPRENTO, C.A., Venezuelan, duly registered by the Mercantile Registry of the State of Yaracuy, on November 29, 2018, with the file number 466-19023 and Tax Information Registry number (RIF) J-412316453, whose electronic addresses are: Web emprento.com and e-mail contacto@emprento.com

The web fixtroublecodes.com is hosted in servers of (or used by) BanaHosting in the United States of America and/or any of its companies, services or related or associated brands, and therefore, is subject to their terms and conditions of use without having any power of decision or interference in them, which is expressly accepted by the USERS and VISITORS, who in turn declare to know and accept such terms and conditions of use of the provider to relate in any way with the portal, including accessing or browsing it. Likewise, USERS and VISITORS recognize and accept that fixtroublecodes.com does not have any link with such platform or company, nor any interference with their corporate decisions, policies or conditions of use of their services, beyond the hosting service contract.

The programming of the portal has been carried out on the WordPress platform, property of the company Automattic Inc. before which fixtroublecodes.com accepts the policies and conditions of use of said platform and establishes as a condition of use or navigation of the portal that such situation is accepted by the USERS and VISITORS, who also admit that fixtroublecodes.com does not have any link with said platform or any interference with its policies or conditions of use, beyond its use for the development of this website.


fixtroublecodes.com is an online platform that offers visitors a complete library of DTC ODBII codes. Here you can find the description of the fault code, symptoms, causes and possible solutions.


These terms and conditions, as well as the entire portal fixtroublecodes.com and the relations between the portal, its administrators and / or owners with the USERS and VISITORS, are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and also subject to the jurisdiction of its courts, specifically those of the city of San Felipe state Yaracuy, or those who are competent depending on the matter, amount or territory.

The foregoing does not exclude the possibility of establishing, through private agreements, special domiciles, specific jurisdictions (including alternative dispute resolution mechanisms) or the application of other legislation within the framework of what is admitted by Private International Law.


All the contents of the fixtroublecodes.com portal, including texts, codes, software, names, images, illustrations, audios, videos, designs, trademarks, commercial names, own links, and in general any multimedia or other content, are the intellectual and/or industrial property of fixtroublecodes.com, and are protected by Venezuelan legislation and, in many cases, internationally; except those owned by third parties and to which reference is made.

All rights of use and exploitation (whether commercial or not) are the sole and exclusive property of fixtroublecodes.com, so that USERS and VISITORS may not use, download, copy, reproduce or refer to any element of the portal unless prior written permission of fixtroublecodes.com, and in the cases and under the following conditions:

It must be exclusively for personal, non-commercial use, i.e. not for the purpose of obtaining any profit or benefit in any way.

In any case and under any circumstance, reference must be made to the authorship or property of fixtroublecodes.com, indicating the respective link.

No modification should be made to the material or content of the portal.

No sensation or appearance of linking people, content, brands, products or services of fixtroublecodes.com with other people, content, brands, products or services of third parties should be generated.

Do not use the name of people linked to fixtroublecodes.com or the contents and trademarks of that portal in illegal activities under the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, or any other state, region or jurisdiction in general, or activities that violate other agreements or contracts entered into by third parties.

The content of fixtroublecodes.com must not be stored in databases, nor in any other physical, computer or electronic medium.


The relationship that exists between fixtroublecodes.com and each USER is developed without implying any type of commercial agreement, associative or much less labor (unless it is expressly established by special agreement), because the activities carried out by fixtroublecodes.com or interactions between that portal and the USER will be understood in development (and as a consequence) of the services provided by fixtroublecodes.com. However, VISITOR and USER agree to respect and abide by each and every one of the terms and conditions of the portal at the time of interacting with it; in particular the following:

Even when the content of the portal is not classified as sensitive or adult content, both the VISITOR and the USER must be over 18, or in any case legally able to agree to accept these terms according to the laws of their country (or those that govern them).

VISITORS and USERS acknowledge and accept that the information published, distributed or contained in the portal is merely informative and under no circumstances constitutes direct or indirect advice in automotive or any other nature, so they recognize and accept that the analysis and implementation of codes, proposed solutions and any other information published in the portal, must be done by professionals in the area.

  1. The portal employs various mechanisms for monetization, including advertising systems, so that VISITORS and USERS acknowledge and accept this situation, and expressly agree that under no circumstances shall consider as invasive advertising displayed in the environment of fixtroublecodes.com. Likewise, they accept that occasionally advertising material will be sent by fixtroublecodes.com to the supplied e-mail addresses.
  2. fixtroublecodes.com may incorporate in its environment links to third party pages, without this implying that there is any responsibility for the use or navigation that VISITORS and USERS make to the destinations to which such links point.
  3. Expressly VISITORS and USERS recognize and accept that fixtroublecodes.com is not and will not be responsible for damages, delays or monetary losses, materials, information or any other tangible or intangible good or interest that suffer as a consequence of the use of the portal or the information published there.


fixtroublecodes.com has taken the greatest care in the development of the portal and in the choice of providers of development and hosting services (web hosting) to ensure the full functioning of the portal. However, due to the involvement of multiple external factors involved in the process and maintenance of the portal "online", USERS and VISITORS acknowledge and agree that fixtroublecodes.com will not be liable or obligated to pay indemnities of any kind for:

  1. The use (or impossibility of use) of our website.
  2. The use (or impossibility of use) of any Web site to which we link from our pages.
  3. The inability of our website to behave in the way you expect or want.
  4. Any error on our website.
  5. Omissions in our website.
  6. Interruption of the availability of our website.
  7. Faults in our website or its links.
  8. Delays in the operation or transmission of data to or from our website.
  9. Computer viruses or line failures.


The portal fixtroublecodes.com is committed to the security and privacy of data of USERS and VISITORS.

IX.1.- General aspects regarding the request and use of information:

Each time you are asked to complete some form with personal information, we ensure that it is only used solely and exclusively in accordance with these terms and conditions, and for specific purposes.

We understand, and so do the USERS and VISITORS accept that all personal information provided to the portal can be stored and used by fixtroublecodes.com for the purposes indicated or that correspond to the respective section of the portal or form in which such data are collected.

When USERS and VISITORS supply their data, they expressly authorize fixtroublecodes.com to use them according to its procedures and fulfill its purpose.

In addition to the information requested through the portal, fixtroublecodes.com may, when it deems necessary, require specific information or documentation to process any request, clarify any aspect or any other purpose inherent to the operation of the portal and the business.

The portal uses the information in order to provide the best possible service, especially in terms of maintaining records or databases of people who interact. In that sense, the USERS and VISITORS accept to be contacted by fixtroublecodes.com through the supplied data, for the sending of specific offers, new products or services, advertising information, events, and any other content that we consider relevant, but respecting the legal limits. You may express your opinion at any time or at any time by writing to the contact details indicated later in this document.

IX.2.- On the comment forms:

In the fields intended for comments on the web, which are freely written, the data entered by the USER or VISITOR are compiled according to their own will and criteria, as well as the IP address of the visitor and the chain of user agents of the browser to help detect SPAM or spam. In addition, an anonymous string may be generated from the email address (called a hash) that can be provided to the Gravatar service to verify if it is being used. The Gravatar service's privacy policy is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/ After approval of your comment, your profile image is visible to the public in the context of your comment.

IX.3.- About multimedia content uploading:

It is possible that in certain cases the portal allows uploading images or multimedia media, in which case the USER should avoid uploading files with location data (GPS EXIF) included, as visitors to the website can download such files and extract any associated location data.

IX.4.- Embedded Content from Other Websites:

Embedded content from other websites (videos, images, articles, etc.) is included throughout the portal. VISITORS and USERS understand and accept that this content behaves exactly as if it were the website to which they belong, with all its implications in terms of data collection, cookies, and their own terms and conditions in general that are beyond the control and responsibility of fixtroublecodes.com.

IX.5.- Analytical:

fixtroublecodes.com use the user accounting system called Google Analytics to collect information on the origin of visits to the portal. This system may collect personal information from VISITORS and USERS such as IP address, country of origin, origin of the session, duration, interactions, browser, behavior, personal data on sex and age, search preferences and / or other data collected by Google Analytics according to its terms and conditions of use, which state know and accept both VISITORS and USERS.

IX.6.- Advertising:

fixtroublecodes.com uses an active advertising system integrated in the web, called Google Adsense, in charge of displaying interesting ads for our readers. This system collects data from VISITORS and USERS to display the most appropriate advertising based on their information.

IX.7.- Destination of the data (with whom they are shared):

The data obtained in fixtroublecodes.com are shared with Google Analytics and Google Adsense, to perform the functions described above.

The data inserted in comments and contact forms will be recorded in our email accounts.

No personal information supplied will be transferred, sold, published, distributed or shared without the prior consent of the owner, except in the cases described in this document, for which purpose it is understood that the respective authorization has been granted by accepting these terms and conditions and/or by the mere fact of supplying such data.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, fixtroublecodes.com will comply with the information requirements made by any administrative or judicial authority.

IX.8.- Data storage time:

The comments and their metadata are kept indefinitely. This in order that we can recognize and approve successive comments automatically, instead of keeping them in moderation queue.

Fragments of data such as cookies may be stored for different periods of time, depending on the type of cookie and its function. More information can be found in the "Cookie Policy" section of this document.

IX.9.- Rights of VISITORS and USERS over their data:

If you have an account or have left comments on this website, you can request to receive an export file of the personal data we have about you, including any data you have provided. You can also request that we delete any personal data we have about you. This does not include any data that we are required to retain for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Where do we send your data?

Visitor comments may be reviewed by an automated spam detection service. Your data is stored on the same server where the website is hosted, currently on the Google Cloud Platform, through a secure encrypted tunnel called SSL.

The data collected through the contact form is stored in our email.

Your contact information

If you wish to contact us for more information on data collection, you can contact us through the contact form available at emprento.com or by writing to contacto@emprento.com

Additional information

This website does not sell any type of product, it is merely informative.

However, it does receive economic benefits from the advertisers who insert their advertising, either direct advertisers or through platforms such as Google Adsense.

How do we protect your data and what measures do we use against data breaches?

We use SSL encryption to ensure the highest level of security when receiving data. You can check its functioning from the browser itself, appreciating the prefix "https" before the domain instead of "http".

We use protection systems such as firewalls on our website. As well as security plugins for our website, generated through the WordPress platform.

X- Cookies Policy:

In simple terms, a cookie is a computer file that the server of a website (such as fixtroublecodes.com) sends to the computer (laptop, tablet, phone) of whoever visits the website, in order to store and retrieve certain information about navigation.

VISITORS or USERS who choose to leave a comment on the portal may choose to save their name, email address and website in cookies. This for the purpose of providing the greatest possible convenience and avoid that such data must be completed again before a new comment. These cookies will have a duration of one year.

In the case of VISITORS or USERS who have an account and connect to this site, a temporary cookie will be installed to determine whether your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal data and is deleted when the browser is closed.

fixtroublecodes.com uses Google Analytics as a web traffic measurement service, which generates the installation of cookies that will help Google Analytics collect visitor data. These cookies have a duration of one year. Google Adsense is also used as an advertising platform on this website, which in turn generates cookies that collect visitor information to display ads based on your interests or data that Adsense deems important for that function. These cookies also have a duration of one year.

The portal also makes use of a plugin (computer code) warning cookies that installs cookies in the browser of the VISITOR with a duration of one month and is used in order to display or not such cookie warning on the next visit.

Although the portal minimizes the use of cookies, it is possible that we use them to be able to identify the pages that are visited. This information is used for statistical analysis purposes. In addition, it allows us to optimize the services provided and the information or content displayed to each user or visitor.

However, each person visiting our website can delete cookies from their own computer at any time, but we must indicate that cookies help provide a better service to websites.

We suggest that you review the cookie settings on your browser so that you have better control over them, depending on whether you want to accept them or not.

It is understood and accepted by the USERS and VISITORS that by not deactivating the use of cookies in their browsers, or expressly accepting them according to the mechanisms provided, fixtroublecodes.com is authorised to use them according to the technical and operative functioning of each cookie used.


The navigation in the fixtroublecodes.com portal, as well as the use of any of the services provided by or through said portal, implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are subject to constant review and updating, even without prior notice.