Description of DTC code P2635

The fuel pump is an essential component of the internal combustion engine. In fuel injection engines, electric pumps mounted inside the fuel tank are used. There are vehicle models that have two fuel pumps: one high pressure and one low pressure. If the fuel pressure is not within the established specifications, it will not have the expected efficiency to achieve the right operation of the engine.

The Engine Control Module (ECM) continuously monitors the operation of the fuel pump control circuit. In case it detects that the fuel pressure is out of the expected range, the DTC P2635 OBDII code will be set.

Symptoms of fault code P2635

  • Check Engine light ON.
  • The motor start may not be possible.
  • Deficiencies during acceleration.

Causes of OBD2 P2635

Reasons for storing the P2635 OBD2 diagnostic code:

  • The fuel level may be below the range necessary for the right operation.
  • The fuel pump may be damaged or faulty.
  • Perhaps the fuel pump relay is in bad condition.
  • The pump controller may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P2635

To troubleshoot the P2635 OBDII error code, try this:

  • Carry out a check of the cables and connectors leading to the fuel pump. Make the necessary repairs to burnt or worn wires.
  • With a fuel pressure gauge, check that the fuel pressure is as indicated by the manufacturer. If it is out of range, check that the fuel pump is working properly.
  • Perform checks for battery voltage and proper ground signal at the fuel pump connector. Repair if necessary.
  • Replace the fuel pump.

Codes related to P2635

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