Description of DTC code P2305

The ignition coil transforms the voltage from the battery to a voltage necessary to create the electrical spark at the spark plugs, thus igniting the fuel. Depending on the model, the coil may have an internal resistor or rely on an external resistance wire to limit the current flowing to the coil from the 12 volt supply.

More advanced electronic ignition systems use power transistors, which deliver pulses to the coil. Some models use a coil for each cylinder of the engine, thus eliminating the use of spark plug wires.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) constantly monitors the ignition coil "B" circuit, and if a fault is found within the circuit, the DTC P2305 OBD2 code will be stored.

Symptoms of fault code P2305

  • Check Engine lamp illuminated.
  • Engine misfires.
  • Rough engine operation.
  • General loss of engine power.

Causes of OBD2 P2305

The reasons for setting the P2305 OBDII diagnostic code are:

  • The ignition coil may have a poor electrical connection.
  • Possibly the ignition coil "B" wires are damaged.
  • Perhaps the ignition coil "B" is defective.
  • A spark plug could be in bad condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P2305

To fix the P2305 OBD2 trouble code you must do the following:

  • Verify that the entire spark plug wire system and ignition coil are not damaged due to burns or wear of one of these components. Repair or replace any that warrant it.
  • Check that the ignition coil is in good condition. Perform a resistance test and make sure it meets the conditions for proper system operation. Replace the coil if necessary.
  • Inspect all spark plugs and verify that each one of them performs its function correctly. You should replace any spark plugs that require replacement.

Codes related to P2305

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