Description of DTC code P2228

The vehicle's computer relies on the information provided by the various sensors and actuators available. Its purpose is to make the necessary adjustments to obtain the optimum air/fuel mixture for the engine. The values monitored by the Engine Control Module (ECM) are the airflow, engine speed, atmosphere temperature, coolant temperature, among others.

The Barometric Air Pressure Sensor (BAP) is used to measure the atmospheric pressure. This value is necessary to determine the air/fuel mixture because the ECM compares the atmospheric pressures with the intake manifold pressures to accurately adjust the mixture.

The setting of the P2228 OBD2 diagnostic code is due to the ECM detects a lower than the expected electrical value in the BAP sensor or its circuit. In this case, the description "A" may refer to a specific circuit. It happens the same when it has to do with multiple sensors.

Symptoms of fault code P2228

  • The Check Engine light illuminates.
  • Limited motor power.
  • The throttle may not respond correctly.
  • A strong odor of fuel.
  • Lower fuel efficiency.

Causes of OBD2 P2228

Reasons to set the P2228 OBDII DTC P2228 OBDII code:

  • The Barometric Air Pressure Sensor is possibly faulty.
  • Perhaps the BAP Sensor connector or its wires are damaged.
  • There could be a mechanical malfunction, which causes the Barometric Pressure Sensor readings to be altered.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P2228

When storing the P2228 OBD2 trouble code, try this:

  • Check there is a good electrical connection at the Barometric Air Pressure Sensor. Check that the connector is not corroded and that it is correctly tightened.
  • Check all the wires that are related to the BAP Sensor, make sure there are no wires with wear or burn spots. Replace any of these that have shortages.
  • Check the Barometric Air Pressure Sensor for items that may be obstructing or preventing the sensor from delivering accurate readings.
  • Use a multimeter and follow the manufacturer's procedures for voltage testing of the BAP sensor. Replace the sensor if it does not meet the stated specifications.

Codes related to P2228

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