Description of DTC code P2197

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) checks that the air/fuel ratio is the required ratio. To do this, it uses the Oxygen Sensors (O2), which generate a voltage reading that the PCM uses to make the necessary mixture adjustments.

If the air/fuel ratio read by the PCM indicates that it is excessively lean and cannot be adjusted by the PCM, set the DTC P2197 OBD2 code.

Symptoms of fault code P2197

  • Check Engine Lamp illuminated.
  • Low power output.
  • The engine may overheat.

Causes of OBD2 P2197

Reasons for setting the P2197 OBDII diagnostic code:

  • The Oxygen Sensor number 1 on bank 2 could be faulty.
  • The O2 Sensor 1 circuit in bank 2 may be shorted.
  • There may be damage to the fuel injectors.
  • Intake air may be leaking.
  • The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor may be damaged.
  • Maybe the Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT) is bad.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P2197

To troubleshoot the problems associated with the P2197 OBD2 error code, consider this:

  • Check the cables and connectors that are related to the Oxygen Sensor. Fix or replace as needed.
  • Use a multimeter to check that the O2 Sensor circuit is not shorted to the ground or power supply. Make adjustments if necessary.
  • Replace the Oxygen Sensor.
  • Check the vacuum lines and make sure there are no leaks. Replace any defective lines.
  • With a voltmeter, check the values of the Air Mass Flow Sensor and Coolant Temperature Sensor. Replace if not as specified by the manufacturer.

Codes related to P2197

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