Description of DTC code P2118

The P2118 OBD2 fault code setting means that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) observed a malfunction in the throttle actuator control system.

To control the throttle actuator, the PCM constantly monitors the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). The proper throttle body function is determined by the position of the throttle plate, which is controlled by one or more throttle actuator engines. The PCM also monitors the TPS sensor to know the speed the driver wants to go and to determine the proper throttle response. To do this, a current flow moves the throttle plate to the desired position.

Symptoms of fault code P2118

  • The Check Engine light turns on.
  • The engine may not start.
  • The accelerator has very little response.
  • Excessive smoke expelled by the exhaust.
  • Higher fuel consumption.

Causes of OBD2 P2118

The reasons for the storage of the diagnostic code P2118 OBDII are

  • Perhaps the throttle body is damaged.
  • The throttle plate or rod may be dirty.
  • The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) may be defective.
  • Possibly the engine that controls the throttle actuator has deficiencies.
  • Corroded or damaged cables or connectors

Possible solutions of the DTC code P2118

The steps to follow before establishing the DTC code P2118 OBD2 are the following:

  • Check the Service Bulletins that apply to your vehicle.
  • After you have located all components related to the throttle actuator control system, including the sensors, check them. Besides, check for worn or burned-out wires. Also, check the connectors for corrosion, which should be repaired or replaced. Also, pay attention to the throttle plate, clean it if necessary.
  • With a DVOM set to the ohm scale, check the resistance of the throttle actuator motor. The result should be compared to the manufacturer's specifications. Excessively high or low resistance requires changing the throttle body.
  • Check the continuity of all system wiring. Repair as needed.
  • Change the Accelerator Position Sensor.

Codes related to P2118

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