Description of DTC code P2101

The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is responsible for the operations of the Accelerator Actuator Control (TAC) system. To do this, the PCM observes the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) to determine driver intention, and then it proceeds to calculate the required throttle response. This is accomplished by pressing a voltage signal that can go up to two engines.

The main component of the CT system is the throttle body. It is located between the intake manifold and the air filter. It has 2 motors that move the plate and one or two TPS sensors, which tell the PCM where the throttle plate is located all the time.

The diagnostic code P2101 OBDII is set when the PCM detects performance problems in the signal from the motors that move the throttle plate. These do not match the voltage signal sent by the TPS sensors.

Symptoms of fault code P2101

  • Check Engine lighting.
  • Lower engine power.
  • It is not possible to accelerate the engine.

Causes of OBD2 P2101

The reasons for storing the error code P2101 OBD2 are

  • Possibly the throttle plate or throttle body is clogged or dirty.
  • The Throttle Actuator (TAC) circuit may be open or shorted.
  • The Throttle Actuator may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P2101

Because of the establishment of the DTC code P2101 OBDII, you can try this:

  • Check the TSBs available for your vehicle model.
  • Check that the battery charge is enough for the proper functioning of the system.
  • After locating the Accelerator Actuator Control System (TAC), remove the tube that connects the TAC system to the air filter. Check the throttle plates for debris that affects their proper operation. Clean as needed.
  • By using an automotive scanner, monitor the actual position of the throttle plate compared to the desired position. Both plates must be within 2 degrees of each other. If not, replace the CT system.
  • Replace the throttle body.

Codes related to P2101

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