P1747 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code P1747

Electronic transmissions installed in modern vehicles employ a module to monitor driveline pressure, shift timing and shift quality. They receive inputs from sensors such as MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), MAF (Mass Air Flow), VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and compare them with the data saved in their memory. According to the data received, the pressure control solenoid is activated or deactivated, by means of which the line pressure is increased or decreased.

The EPC (Electronic Pressure Control) operates a pressure regulating spool valve and spring that releases or retains fluid pressure, usually returning to the transmission sump. This solenoid is a changeable force solenoid that changes between 32 Hz (32 times per second). It has more accurate control than conventional hydraulic pressure systems. The EPC is effective and assists the engine to remain within its power band when making rapid changes in system pressures.The P1747 OBDII diagnostic code is set on Ford and Mazda vehicles when the PCM detects that with the engine running at cruising speed, the voltage across the EPC solenoid has been checked and found to be higher than allowable levels, which translates to a short circuit.

Symptoms of fault code P1747

  • Check Engine light is on.
  • Gear changes are hard.
  • Stalling.
  • Engine hesitation.

Causes of OBD2 P1747

The reasons why the P1747 OBD2 fault code setting occurs are:

  • Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid circuit wires may have been damaged.
  • EPC Solenoid circuit electrical connections could be faulty causing the short.
  • The EPC Solenoid may be in poor condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P1747

The steps to follow in order to correct the DTC P1747 OBDII code are as follows:

  • As a first step, we recommend you to consult the TSB.
  • Inspect all the wiring of the Electronic Pressure Control solenoid circuit and verify that all of them are in optimal conditions for a good operation of the circuit. If common deficiencies are found, make the necessary repairs.
  • Measure the EPC Solenoid circuit voltages and verify that they are within the parameters recommended by the manufacturer. Since this code indicates the presence of a short, it is necessary to check the continuity of the wiring, as well as the integrity of the electrical connections. Repair any inconsistencies you may find.
  • Check the Electronic Pressure Control solenoid for damage. Measure the resistance of the solenoid and if you discover an out-of-range value, consider replacing it.

Codes related to P1747

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