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P1626 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code P1626

The ECM (Engine Control Module) controls the fuel injection system. This controller constantly data from sensors and other devices that directly affect the operation of the car. The ECM also diagnoses the fuel injection system. It can recognize some operational problems and warn the driver via the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL or Check Engine). Besides, the ECM stores a DTC code that identifies problem areas to help technicians perform various repairs.

The immobilizer control unit allows the engine to run once the ignition switch is turned on, but the code read by the key must be the right one. If the ECM detects a failure of the communication link with the immobilizer controller, the diagnostic code P1626 OBDII will be set. In this case, there is no immobilizer message identification for the ECM release time window.

Symptoms of fault code P1626

Causes of OBD2 P1626

Reasons to set the P1626 OBD2 fault code:

  • There may be damage to the electrical connections of the Engine Control Module.
  • The immobilizer control system may work wrongly due to damage to the electrical circuits.
  • Possibly the ECM is damaged.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P1626

Steps to troubleshoot the DTC P1626 OBDII:

  • Consult Technical Service Bulletins.
  • Check for other stored Pay attention to codes that belong to specific faults with a control module.
  • Check the condition of the ECM wiring and the immobilizer control unit. Fix any damage you can find.
  • If there is no other fault code in addition to the P1626, check the integrity of the ECM, it could be faulty. Note that this diagnosis should be performed by professional people to avoid unnecessary repairs.


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