P1602 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code P1602

The Knock Sensor is an electronic device installed on the intake manifold, engine block, or cylinder. This sensor detects unusual knocks or pulsations that cause engine detonations. It could be described as the ear of the engine's computer, which is used to determine how good the engine is performing.

Any detonation coming from the engine is shown as a small vibration, which is detected by the Knock Sensor. This is responsible for changing the vibration into a voltage signal that is transmitted to the control module that manages the ignition system (ECM/PCM). This alters the ignition timing settings based on the signal received.

The P1602 OBDII diagnostic code is set when the engine is running and the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor input is above 104°F, the PCM has noticed a failure in the Internal Knock Sensor Module or its circuitry.

Symptoms of fault code P1602

  • Check Engine light illuminated.
  • The motor exhibits erratic operation during heavy load or high-speed conditions.
  • Acceleration is poor.
  • Loss of fuel efficiency.
  • The motor decreases its power.

Causes of OBD2 P1602

The reasons why the storage of the DTC P1602 OBD2 DTC occurs are:

  • The Detonation Sensor Module harness could be damaged causing a short.
  • The detonation sensor module may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P1602

The steps for troubleshooting the P1602 OBDII fault code are as follows:

  • With an automotive scanner, check for stored fault codes. In case you find codes that indicate Knock Sensor faults, diagnose them first.
  • Check the condition of the wiring and connectors that are related to the Knock Sensor Module. If you discover certain deficiencies caused by wear and tear or other conditions, make corrections.
  • Check that the detonation sensor module voltages are as specified by the manufacturer in their specifications. If you detect voltages that cause a short, and as a result, they cause the circuit performance problem, make the appropriate repairs.

Codes related to P1602

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