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P1441 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code P1441

The Evaporative Emissions System (EVAP) purge solenoid allows the manifold vacuum to purge to the canister. The Engine Control Module (ECM) provides a ground signal to the solenoid to activate the purge. The solenoid control is pulse width modulated or turned on and off a lot of times per second. The pulse width is determined by the engine operating conditions, including the throttle position, engine load, ambient temperature, and coolant temperature. The ECM calculates the duty cycle and the purge solenoid is activated when some conditions are met.

The conditions that cause the EVAP System to purge are continuously checked by commanding the vent solenoid is on and the purge solenoid off. When the fuel tank pressure level rises while doing these tests, a continuous purge flow condition will be shown.

The P1441 OBDII fault code is set when the ECM detects an unwanted flow of fuel vapors through the EVAP System. Depending on the manufacturer and type of system installed, this condition may be detected during self-tests or at times when the ECM does not command an EVAP purge.

Symptoms of fault code P1441

  • Check Engine light illuminated.
  • Loss of engine power.
  • Irregular operation during idling.
  • Unstable acceleration.
  • If the engine is hot, starting is difficult.

Causes of OBD2 P1441

Reasons to set the P1441 OBD2 diagnostic code:

  • Purge control solenoid wires or connectors may be damaged.
  • Vacuum lines may be leaking.
  • The purge control valve may be faulty.
  • The carbon cartridge may be in poor condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P1441

Steps to solve the P1441 OBDII DTC:

  • Start the diagnosis by consulting the TSBs.
  • Check the EVAP wiring, connectors, and vacuum lines. If you discover burnt wires or lines in poor condition causing leaks, make repairs.
  • Consult the service manual for diagnostic steps for testing resistance, reference voltage, continuity, and solenoid circuit ground signals. Also, check the performance of all EVAP System sensors. If one of these readings shows an out-of-range value, make the appropriate corrections.
  • Check the integrity of the carbon cartridge and purge valve. If you discover inconsistencies in one of these components, make the respective corrections.


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