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Description of DTC code P1361

For proper performance of the engine's internal components and they may work together, there must be a starting point. This is known as Top Dead Center (TDC), in modern vehicle engines, it is controlled through a Top Dead Center Sensor.

A lot of years ago, the TDC was marked on a harmonic balancer as zero degrees in older engines. So the mechanic could assemble an engine and then adjust the cylinder head valves for smooth operation. More modern engines have the same accuracy when assembled, but it is the TDC sensor that permanently monitors the firing sequence of the cylinders. This sensor is an essential part of today's ignition systems, which often adjust to varying driving conditions.

The OBDII fault code P1361 for Acura and Honda vehicles refers to a failure of the TDC sensor, specifically that the TDC sensor exhibits intermittent interruptions.

Symptoms of fault code P1361

  • Check Engine light ON.
  • Difficult to start the engine.
  • Irregular motor operation.

Causes of OBD2 P1361

Reasons for setting the DTC P1361 OBD2 DTC code:

  • The harness of the Top Dead Center Sensor 1 may have damage to its wires.
  • Sensor TDC 1 may have a short or open circuit due to poor electrical connections.
  • Possibly the Top Dead Center Sensor 1 is faulty.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P1361

Steps to troubleshoot the P1361 OBDII diagnostic code :

  • Consult the TSB (Technical Service Bulletins).
  • Check that all electrical components of the Top Dead Center Sensor 1 are in good condition. If deficiencies due to corrosion or burns are found, make appropriate repairs.
  • Verify that the voltages received by the TDC Sensor are within the parameters set by the manufacturer. Generally, it receives 12 volts from a relay and 5 volts from the PCM, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. If you detect differences, make the appropriate corrections.
  • One factor that affects the operation of the TDC Sensor is the clearance between the pulley and the sensor. A difference of space in the pulley greater than 0.5 mm can cause malfunction. If this value is greater than allowed, it is necessary to replace the head or cylinder head.
  • Follow the manufacturer's diagnostic steps for the Top Dead Center Sensor. If you determine that it is in poor condition, replace it.

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