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    Description of DTC code P1340 Generic

    The CMP sensor (Camshaft Position Sensor) is an electronic piece that records the speed at which the camshaft rotates. The information obtained by this sensor is sent to the ECM (Engine Control Module). The ECM uses it to manage the fuel injection and ignition.

    The Camshaft Position Sensor detects the retraction of the camshaft (intake) to recognize a determined cylinder and detect the position of the piston. Typically, this kind of sensor is composed of a disk and the actual sensor. Once the engine is started, both the lower and upper parts of the teeth cause variations in the gap with the sensor. This change consequently causes the magnetic field near the sensor to change as well, affecting the sensor voltage.

    In most cases, the P1340 OBDII fault code is a specific code that indicates that the Camshaft Position Sensor has experienced erratic operation. Consult your vehicle manufacturer’s source of information for its application.

    Symptoms of fault code P1340 Generic

    • Check Engine light illuminated.
    • The engine has a rough operation.
    • Significant loss of engine power.
    • Increased fuel consumption.

    Causes of OBD2 P1340 Generic

    Reasons for setting the P1340 OBD2 diagnostic code:

    • The battery may not be charged completely.
    • The starter motor may be in bad condition.
    • Maybe the Camshaft Position Sensor circuit has damage to the wiring or connectors.
    • The CMP sensor may be faulty.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code P1340 Generic

    To troubleshoot the DTC P1340 OBDII code, consider this:

    • As a first step, consult the Technical Service Bulletins.
    • Check that the battery has enough electrical charge. If not, test the integrity of the battery cables or charge the battery completely.
    • Check the starter motor does not present deficiencies that interrupt the voltage supply. Diagnose its connections and make repairs if necessary.
    • Check all Camshaft Position Sensor wiring for common damage. Likewise, verify that its circuit voltages do not differ from those specified by the manufacturer. Repair if necessary.
    • Check the integrity of the CMP Sensor by following the manufacturer's recommended steps. If you determine that it is faulty, replace it.


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