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    Description of DTC code P1301 Generic

    The P1301 OBDII diagnostic code is usually associated with a fault in the vehicle’s ignition system. For most OBDII-equipped manufacturers, it basically means that the ECM (Engine Control Module) has found that one of the engine cylinders is not functioning properly. This is because the spark duration for cylinder number 1 does not last long enough.

    Symptoms of fault code P1301 Generic

    • Check Engine light illuminating.
    • Difficulty starting the engine.
    • The engine runs rough.
    • The engine starts but shuts off unexpectedly.
    • During acceleration, the engine loses power.
    • Fuel odors are perceived.
    • Significant amounts of black smoke are emitted from the exhaust.

    Causes of OBD2 P1301 Generic

    DTC P1301 OBD2 is set by one or more of the following factors:

    • The spark plug for cylinder 1 or the spark plug wires may be in poor condition.
    • The ignition coil wires may have been damaged causing a short or open circuit.
    • The ignition coil may be defective.
    • The fuel injector on cylinder 1 may be bad.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code P1301 Generic

    To correct the P1301 OBDII fault code you should consider the following:

    • As a first step, it is necessary to consult the Technical Service Bulletins and verify with a scanner if other trouble codes are configured, especially if they are related to ignition failures. If this is the case, diagnose those codes first.
    • Inspect all spark plug wires, ignition coils, and injectors for cylinder 1. Check them for obvious damage, such as wear or burns. Make any necessary repairs.
    • Checks the injector for cylinder 1 for a short in its circuit due to bad connections or faulty wiring. Repair it as required.
    • If after performing the above checks you still get a P1301 code, the fuel injector for the cylinder may be defective, replace it.


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