P1101 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code P1101

The ECM or Engine Control Module makes some comparisons of the real airflow, which is based on throttle position (TP) with a calculated airflow based on the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor and Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor. These sensors must be accurate to open the injectors in the time they indicate. As a result, the stoichiometric ratio is reached with the spark they produce.

Setting the fault code P1101 OBDII on your Chevrolet vehicle is because the ECM detects that the actual airflow rate is greater than the calculated airflow.

Symptoms of fault code P1101

  • The Check Engine lamp is lit.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Reduction of engine power.
  • Problems during idling.
  • Instability in acceleration.

Causes of OBD2 P1101

The reasons for setting the P1101 OBD2 diagnostic code for Chevrolet vehicles are

  • There may be an air leak before or after the Mass Airflow Sensor.
  • The electrical circuit related to the MAF Sensor may have inconsistencies in wiring or connectors.
  • Possibly the MAF Sensor is defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P1101

The steps for solving the Chevrolet DTC P1101 OBDII code, you must take into account the following:

  • As a first step, it is necessary to consult the TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) to consult the manufacturer's diagnostic steps.
  • Visually check the wiring that leads to the MAF Sensor. If you detect that they have damage from burns or wear, make the necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Check that the airflow is not blocked, especially near the filter. If there is waste around it, make the necessary improvements.
  • Uninstall the air mass flow sensor to check that it is not contaminated by certain elements. In this case, you must carry out the appropriate maintenance.
  • By using a voltmeter, measure the voltage or ground signal from the MAF Sensor, once the Engine Control Module is disconnected. Similarly, it is necessary to check the continuity between the sensor, the ECM, and the various control modules.

Codes related to P1101

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