Description of DTC code P0962

Proper operation of the automatic transmission depends on the shifting of the belts and clutches, which is accomplished by accurate transmission fluid pressure at the proper time and place. Transmission pressure control solenoids are responsible for the fluid pressure to the clutches or belts. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) monitors the internal pressure of the solenoids and sends the fluid to the various hydraulic circuits that are in charge of transmission ratio changes.

P0962 OBDII diagnostic code indicates that the PCM found a low voltage condition in the "A" pressure control solenoid circuit.

Symptoms of fault code P0962

  • Check Engine light illuminated.
  • Poor fuel economy.
  • Transmission exhibits increased temperatures and slipping.
  • Transmission goes into fail-safe mode.

Causes of OBD2 P0962

The reasons for the P0962 OBD2 fault code setting are:

  • The transmission fluid may have an excessively low level or the transmission fluid may be contaminated.
  • The transmission filter may be restricted.
  • The pressure control solenoid "A" may be defective.
  • Wiring or connectors related to the circuit may be damaged.
  • Hydraulic passages may have blockages.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0962

To troubleshoot the DTC P0962 OBDII code you must do the following:

  • Check if there are Technical Service Bulletins that apply to your car model.
  • Inspect the level and condition of the transmission fluid. It should be replaced if it shows a contaminated condition. If there is an excessively low level, make sure there are no leaks. Check the hydraulic passages for blockages and the transmission filter for clogging. Repair it as necessary.
  • Check all wires that are associated with the circuit. Look for wear, burning, or rubbing against other components. If such defects are found, repair or replace.
  • Perform continuity tests of all wiring related to the system. A lack of continuity is due to an open circuit due to damaged wiring. Repair or replace such wiring.
  • Replace pressure solenoid "A".

Codes related to P0962

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