Description of DTC code P0894

Fault code P0894 OBDII indicates that a problem has been found concerning the sliding of transmission components.

The vehicle's computer is responsible for making changes to the transmission gear ratios. This provides control over acceleration and speed, as well as efficient overall engine and fuel performance.

If the ratio of one of the gears of the vehicle is not within the expected parameters or it is not stored in the memory of the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), this code will be set.

Symptoms of fault code P0894

  • Check Engine lighting.
  • The transmission slides.
  • Transmission changes are erratic.
  • There is a smell of burnt transmission fluid.

Causes of OBD2 P0894

The reasons for storing the diagnostic code P0894 OBD2 are

  • The transmission fluid level may be too low.
  • There may be internal damage to the transmission.
  • Perhaps the Transmission Rate Sensor (TSS) is defective.
  • TSS Sensor electrical circuit components may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0894

The steps to solve the failures related to the DTC code P0894 OBDII are the following:

  • Check both the level and the state of the transmission fluid are required for the accurate operation of the system. Take into account if there is an excessively low level, it may be due to leaks. Also, if the fluid shows signs of burning, it will be necessary to replace it completely next to the filter. Make the necessary corrections.
  • With a digital volt-ohm meter test the reference, signal, and ground voltage of the Transmission Rate Sensor (TSS). Compare the results with the manufacturer's specifications. Repair as necessary.
  • Replace the TSS Sensor.

Codes related to P0894

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