Description of DTC code P0760

Shift solenoids play an important role in automatic transmission operation. Automatic transmissions are usually controlled by the vehicle's computer, and the computer uses the solenoids to properly manage the movement of transmission fluid between the different hydraulic circuits. As a result, a change in transmission ratio is made as needed. This provides the best fuel efficiency, as well as increases engine performance at the lowest possible speeds.

When the diagnostic code P0760 OBDII is stored, it shows that the actual gear ratio is not within the manufacturer's set parameters. This is because the transmission shift solenoid "C" has been working wrongly.

Symptoms of fault code P0760

  • Check Engine light ON.
  • The transmission slips.
  • A transmission overheating.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • The vehicle enters limp mode.

Causes of OBD2 P0760

Reasons to set the P0760 OBD2 fault code:

  • Maybe the transmission fluid is too low.
  • There may be contamination in the transmission fluid.
  • The transmission filter may be dirty or clogged.
  • The hydraulic passages may be blocked.
  • C" shift solenoid wires or connectors may be damaged.
  • The shift solenoid "C" may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0760

To fix DTC P0760 OBDII errors, you can try this:

  • Consult the Technical Service Bulletins for a good diagnosis (TSB).
  • Make sure the transmission fluid level is within the level the system needs for proper operation. Also, check no items are contaminating the fluid. If fluid replacement is necessary, you should also change the transmission filter.
  • Check that the system connectors are not corroded. Likewise, pay attention to the wiring and check for burned or worn wires. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Use a multimeter, to check if the circuits meet the continuity requirements, as stated in the manufacturer's specifications. Repair if you find a short or open circuit.
  • Replace the "C" shift solenoid.

Codes related to P0760

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