Description of DTC code P0732

The fault code P0732 OBDII is set on vehicles with automatic transmission, and it has to do with a problem when shifting into second gear or driving in second gear. The automatic transmission, which is controlled by the vehicle's computer, uses several gear ratios to increase vehicle speed as engine output increases.

To check the proper functioning of the transmission and its components, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Engine Control Module (ECM), or Transmission Control Module (TCM) use the input of various sensors. Usually, the engine speed is calculated by the Transmission Speed Sensor (TSS) and the ratio of the transmission and torque converter slip is determined. If the calculation is not within the expected range, the DTC code P0732 OBD2 is set.

Symptoms of fault code P0732

  • Check Engine light on.
  • When shifting to second gear, the shift is delayed or does not make the change.
  • The transmission slips.
  • It lowers fuel efficiency.

Causes of OBD2 P0732

The factors establishing DTC code P0732 OBD II are

  • The transmission fluid level may be low or the fluid may be dirty.
  • Oil leak in the transmission.
  • Low oil pressure.
  • A defective solenoid.
  • The transmission may be mechanically faulty.
  • The main control of the transmission may be blocked.
  • Transmission Speed Sensor (TSS) defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0732

When the diagnostic code P0732 OBD2 is set, you must do the following to correct it

  • The first thing you should do is check both the level and the state of the transmission fluid. When there is a low fluid level or elements are found that contaminate it, they cause displacement problems and in turn, the gears are affected.
  • A solenoid is in charge of controlling the clutches and bands. Therefore, make sure it works properly. Change it if necessary.
  • Check all cables and connectors. If you find problems with one of these components, you should make repairs or even replace it if necessary.

Codes related to P0732

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