Description of DTC code P0715

The P0715 OBD2 is a diagnostic code that refers to a fault in the ISS (Input Speed Sensor) circuit. This is an electromagnetic sensor that has 3 wires, which are used for transmission input speed control. It is located near the back of the transmission input shaft and is threaded directly into the transmission housing.

Taking into account that the input shaft of the transmission has slots, the electromagnetic circuit is completed when the castor wheel is near the end of the sensor. When the slots pass through the sensor, the circuit is interrupted and an electronic pattern is formed. This information is sent to the Powertrain Control Module which interprets the electronic pattern as the input speed of the transmission.

The input speed of the transmission is compared to the engine RPM, the percentage of engine load, the output speed of the transmission and the speed of the vehicle, to determine the RPM of the expected input speed. If the actual input speed does not match the expected input speed, DTC code P0715 OBDII is stored.

Symptoms of fault code P0715

  • Check Engine Lighting.
  • Abrupt changes in transmission.
  • It lowers fuel economy.
  • The vehicle may stop as well as the engine.

Causes of OBD2 P0715

The reasons for setting the error code P0715 OBD2 are:

  • A defective ISS (Input Speed Sensor).
  • OSS (Output Shaft Speed Sensor) sensor in bad condition.
  • The glow ring may be worn or defective.
  • Defective cables or connectors.
  • Incorrect transmission torque converter.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0715

To correct problems caused by fault code P0715 OBDII, you must do the following:

  • Check your vehicle's Technical Service Bulletins (TBS).
  • Check the system cables and connectors. Make repairs or replace corroded or defective components. Check the battery and check the battery cables. Remove corrosion and ensure that the battery terminals are in good condition. Replace if necessary.
  • Remove the ISS and OSS sensors. If there is any metal residue on the magnetic contacts, remove it. Also, remove elements that prevent good electrical contact. Individually check the sensors using a DVOM, then compare the results of these readings with the manufacturer's specifications. Change sensors that are not within those specifications.
  • Disconnect the controllers related to this system, then with the DVOM, perform a test of the resistance and continuity. Check for short circuits or bad wires. Repair or replace defective circuits.

Codes related to P0715

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