Description of DTC code P0713

The Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor sends a signal to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), which uses it to define shift points, line pressure, as well as control of the Torque Converting Clutch (TCC). Usually, this sensor is placed in the transmission oil pan.

The TFT sensor has 5 volts of reference provided by the PCM. The internal resistance of the sensor changes according to the temperature of the transmission fluid and sends a return signal to the PCM. In other words, TFT sensors are defined as a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. It means that the internal resistance is inversely proportional to the oil temperature. The voltage of the TFT sensor signal decreases as the transmission fluid temperature increases, if the temperature decreases, the voltage increases.

The DTC code P0713 OBDII is stored when the PCM finds a high signal in the TFT Sensor due to an open circuit.

Symptoms of fault code P0713

  • Check Engine lighting.
  • Other diagnostic codes related to transmission are set.
  • Hard changes in the march.
  • The transmission slides.
  • Transmission reheating.
  • Lowers fuel efficiency.

Causes of OBD2 P0713

The reasons for setting the diagnostic code P0713 OBD2 are

  • There may be burned or corroded connectors.
  • The Torque Converting Clutch (TCC) solenoid may be defective.
  • Perhaps the transmission fluid is degraded or contaminated, which prevents the proper solenoid operation of the
  • The Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0713

To solve the problems of the error code P0713 OBDII, follow these steps:

  • Check the TFT Sensor and its cables. Look for loose connections or faulty cables. If you find any damage, make the necessary repairs.
  • Check the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).
  • Use a scanning tool to verify the TFT Sensor data parameter. To do this, disconnect the sensor, you should see a low value in the scanner. Then, connect a jumper cable through the terminals, at that moment, you should see in the scanner high temperature. If so, the problem is in the Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor.
  • Measure the resistance between the terminals of the TFT Sensor with a digital multimeter on the ohm scale. Start the engine and watch the value on the meter. The values should decrease slightly as the engine temperature rises. You might look at the temperature indicator on the dashboard to check the engine reaches the operating temperature. If the temperature increases but the resistance does not, the TFT sensor is defective, change it.
  • Use the digital multimeter using the volt setting to check the reference, namely 5 volts from the PCM to the sensor terminals. If that reference signal is not present, set the meter to ohms between the reference voltage pin on the sensor and the reference voltage pin on the PCM. If the values are out of limits, there is an open circuit, repair it.
  • Also, check the ground circuit, if it does not meet the requirements, you must repair it.

Codes related to P0713

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