Description of DTC code P0711

The Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor provides an electrical signal to the PCM or better known as Powertrain Control Module. Thus, it determines the TCC or Torque Converter Clutch control, shift points, and line pressure

This sensor receives 5 volts of reference voltage from the PCM. In addition, the internal resistance changes accordingly with the transmission fluid temperature, returning a voltage signal to the PCM. When the fluid temperature increases, the resistance decreases since the internal resistance of the sensor is inversely proportional to the oil temperature. Besides, the opposite process occurs when the fluid temperature decreases.

The Check Engine light illuminates next to the OBD2 DTC P0711 when the PCM detects a low performance of the TFT Sensor.

Symptoms of fault code P0711

  • MIL (Motor Malfunction) light ON.
  • The Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) is not working properly.
  • The vehicle is stuck in weak mode.

Causes of OBD2 P0711

  • The Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor (TFT) may be faulty.
  • Transmission problems.
  • Cable system in poor condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0711

To fix the P0711 OBD2 fault code problems, you can try this:

  • Consult Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).
  • Disconnect the TFT Sensor and measure the resistance between the two terminals. Then, start the engine and observe the value shown on the meter. These values should decrease as the engine temperature increases. If the engine temperature increases, but the resistance of the TFT Sensor does not increase accordingly, replace the sensor.
  • Check the reference voltage of the circuit from the PCM to one of the Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor If there is no such reference, connect the meter using the ohms scale between the TFT Sensor reference voltage pin and the PCM reference voltage pin. If an out-of-range reading is obtained, it is due to an open circuit between the PCM and the sensor, repair it.
  • Check the ground circuit. If problems are found, make the necessary repairs.

Codes related to P0711

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