Description of DTC code P0706

The TRS sensor (Transmission Range Sensor) informs the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) of the position of the gear lever. It also allows the engine to start only in neutral positions. The TRS sensor receives a reference voltage from the PCM. The TRS sensor refers a dissimilar voltage to the PCM, depending on which gear the gear lever is in. If the return voltage is not as expected, the diagnostic code P0706 OBDII is established.

This is a code type "C". It is not emission-related, therefore, the PCM does not activate the engine control light and does not store freeze frame data.

Symptoms of fault code P0706

  • A blinking transmission range screen.
  • Lack of power after a complete stop.

Causes of OBD2 P0706

The reasons for establishing the DTC code P0706 OBD2 are

  • Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) cables or connectors may be shorting the circuit.
  • The TRS sensor may be misadjusted.
  • Transmission Range Sensor

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0706

To solve the problems caused by the fault code P0706 OBDII, consider these suggestions:

  • If the vehicle starts in reverse, disconnect the Transmission Range Sensor (TRS). Then, try to drive the vehicle again, if it still starts in reverse, it indicates a short in the TRS sensor Therefore, carefully inspect all cables and connectors related to the TRS sensor. If you find any defects such as wear, corrosion, or friction, make the necessary repairs or replace one of these components if necessary. Also, check the terminals of the connectors.
  • If the vehicle does not start in reverse when the Transmission Range Sensor is disconnected, the TRS sensor is either incorrectly adjusted or defective.

Codes related to P0706

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