Description of DTC code P0700

The TCM (Transmission Control Module) is responsible for controlling the operation of sensors and actuators, such as the Motor Speed ​​(RPM), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) among others signals.

The Transmission Control Module uses the information from these sensors and activates the solenoid valves, which are related to the components of the automatic transmission, such as clutches, pressure regulator and brakes.

When the Transmission Control Module detects a malfunction with one of these sensors, it sends a signal to the ECM (Engine Control Module) and this in turn activates the Service Engine Soon light. The Engine Control Module stores this diagnostic code P0700 OBDII and implies that the TCM has found a fault with the transmission controls.

Symptoms of fault code P0700

  • The MIL light is on.
  • When you make changes, you could have difficulties. at the moment to driving the transmission, to make the respective changes takes a while.
  • Operating problems
  • There is a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption.
  • The automatic transmission, may clog in a speed, usually in the first one.
  • After a determinate boot time, it stays at a unique speed and makes no other changes.

Causes of OBD2 P0700

Everything points to the fact that the causes of the failure code P0700 are due to the difficulties in the transmission, however, next to this code there is a probability that others DTC will occur, codes referring to the transmission.

  • May be a short circuit on the inside of the TCM.
  • The TCM is defective.
  • The amount of ATF may not be the required, which causes a lack of pressure.
  • There may be wear on the automatic transmission and hydraulic fluid may slide through worn gaskets, clutches and brakes.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0700

  • Verify the oil level of the ATF.
  • Ascertain that all the TCM / ECM connectors work correctly.
  • Transmission solenoids may be open, so check them.
  • Inspect the power cables of the drive controller and the valves.
  • Once all the previous steps have been carried out, use an automotive scanner to clear the error code P0700.
  •  If DTC P0700 reappears, check all hoses and wirings, they could be out of adjustment or they have vacuum problems, this could be due to cracked or disconnected hoses.
  • You can do a verification with the actuators using an automotive scanner, and at the same time realize live tests of solenoids and the box computer.

Codes related to P0700

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