Description of DTC code P0605

The diagnostic code P0605 OBDII means that a control module read memory error has been detected. This problem may be in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or one of the other supporting control modules. The PCM monitors other control modules at all levels of vehicle operation to control various functions.

When the code P0605 OBD2 is set, it is because the PCM is not able to monitor one or more control modules. The capacity to adjust the control module for proper vehicle operation has been disabled.

Symptoms of fault code P0605

  • Check Engine lighting.
  • Other warning lights are on.
  • Fuel efficiency is affected.
  • Engine stagnation.

Causes of OBD2 P0605

When the DTC code P0605 OBDII is set, it is for one or all of the following reasons

  • Connections may not be properly adjusted.
  • Cables may be worn or damaged.
  • Problems in the ground circuit.
  • Internal fault in the PCM/ECM.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0605

To solve the problems of the diagnostic code P0605 OBD2, you must do this:

  • There are cases where flashing the PCM with updated software can correct this DTC code. Besides, you should keep the Service Bulletins
  • If there are no PCM memory upgrades, check the cables. Check that both voltage and ground are adequate for the PCM and its associated circuits. If you find problems with them, make the necessary repairs.
  • Replace the PCM.


Codes related to P0605

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