Description of DTC code P0602

The DTC P0602 OBD2 means that the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) has found an internal programming error. This error applies to itself.

The information contained in the PCM is essential for proper engine management. It is programmed at the factory in EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable ROM) memory. Specific settings that are used for engine and transmission management are programmed into the EEPROM. This memory not only aids in the efficient engine management and performance but also helps to recognize and interact with other control modules in the vehicle.

If the PCM finds faults in the EEPROM or does not recognize the EEPROM program, it stores this code along with the Check Engine light.

Symptoms of fault code P0602

  • MIL (Motor Malfunction) light ON.
  • The engine may not start.
  • Driving problems.
  • Fuel efficiency decreases.
  • The transmission may not shift.

Causes of OBD2 P0602

When the P0602 OBDII diagnostic code is set, it is because one or more of the following issues have occurred:

  • The PCM has had a programming error.
  • The Control Area Network (CAN) wiring may be faulty.
  • The PCM power supply transmitter is in bad condition.
  • A recent PCM change may have set this code if the installed PCM is not properly programmed. It also may not be the right one for the vehicle.
  • The PCM is

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0602

If the P0602 OBD2 error code is set, follow these steps:

  • Erase the codes and reset the vehicle.
  • There must be 12.5 volts for the right operation of the PCM. Less than this voltage can result in errors in the electrical system. If the required voltage is not present, check the battery for 12.6 volts with the vehicle off. When started, it should measure 13.2 volts.
  • Check the battery terminals. They may be mismatched, or the cables may be loose. Also, check for excessive resistance.
  • Inspect the fuses, and make sure they are in good condition.
  • If the PCM has recently been replaced, it may not have been programmed correctly. To reprogram it, use a factory scanner.

Codes related to P0602

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