Description of DTC code P0501

The VSS (Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor) is an electromagnetic sensor, which uses a rotating ring, in order to complete an input circuit to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). It is located in the housing of the transmission, its position allows the reluctant ring to cross through it, as it is narrow.In turn, the reluctance ring secures the output shaft of the transmission whose purpose is for both to rotate.. When the ring passes through the electromagnetic tip of the Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor, the teeth and slots have the function of completing and interrupting the circuit quickly. These manipulations of the circuit are translated by the Power Train Control Module (PCM) as vehicle speed.

Diagnostic code P0501 OBD2 is set when the PCM detects that the information sent by the VSS sensor, it means the speed of the vehicle, is concealed outside the expected range. It may be high or low in excess.

Symptoms of fault code P0501

  • Check Engine light on.
  • The anti-lock brakes may be lost.
  • Maybe the velocimeter doesn't work properly.
  • Decrease of the RPM limiter.
  • Erratic changes of the transmission.

Causes of OBD2 P0501

The factors that lead to the establishment of the DTC code P0501 OBDII are:

  • Cables or connectors which directs to the VSS sensor may be defective.
  • Defective Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor.
  • The configuration of the PCM with respect to the size of the vehicle's tires may not be correct.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0501

To correct the faults caused by fault code P0501 OBD2 you must do the following:

  • A good starting point is to consult the TBS. Your problem can be known by the manufacturer as well as the solution, which can save you money, and also your time.
  • Check all cables and their respective connectors that are related to the VSS sensor. Verify that there are no worn or rubbing cables with other components. Also check connectors that do not have corrosion, repair or change as necessary.
  • Check the VSS sensor voltage and compare with the manufacturer's specifications. If they are not within these specifications, replace it.
  • Change the VSS (Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor).

Codes related to P0501

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