Description of DTC code P0461

The Fuel Level Sensor (FLS) is a device located on the top of the fuel tank or fuel pump. The FSL turns the mechanical fuel level into an electrical signal that is sent to the Powertrain Control Module.

The signal received by the PCM determines how much fuel is available in the tank, and it also monitors the fuel consumption to determine fuel efficiency.

The P0461 OBD2 fault code is set because the input signal sent by the Fuel Level Sensor does not match the operating voltages established by the manufacturer.

Symptoms of fault code P0461

  • Check Engine lamp ON.
  • Remarkable lack of fuel efficiency.
  • The fuel level displayed on the dashboard is not right.

Causes of OBD2 P0461

Reasons for storing the P0461 OBDII diagnostic code:

  • Fuel Level Sensor signal circuit may be open or shorted.
  • There may be bad wiring or circuit connectors.
  • The Fuel Level Sensor could be faulty.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0461

To solve the OBD2 DTC P0461, try this:

  • Consult the Technical Service Bulletins, these have the useful and necessary information.
  • Locate the Fuel Level Sensor and check the wires or connectors in its circuit. If you detect problems with these electrical components, make the appropriate repairs or changes. Once you have made the corrections, clear the code.
  • If the code returns, unplug the sensor connector and check the circuit voltage with a DVOM. The measuring tool should show 12 or 5 volts. A value out of the allowable range requires checking the wiring. Fix if necessary.
  • Check that the resistance of the Fuel Level Sensor is within the parameters set by the manufacturer. If the resistance level does not meet the requirements, replace it.

Codes related to P0461

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