Description of DTC code P0356

The coil pack is used to convert the low voltage of the primary circuit to a high secondary voltage. This is essential for the plugs to be activated. each cylinder has an individual coil with the coil pack, which is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

If a short is detected in the ignition coil control circuit, the PCM sets the DTC code P0356 OBDII. The last digit of this code refers to the cylinder where the problem is occurring. The number 6 cylinder is in this code.

Symptoms of fault code P0356

  • The engine warning light (Check Engine) turns on.
  • Ignition failures that may be intermittent or constant.

Causes of OBD2 P0356

The reasons for setting the error code P0356 OBD2 are

  • Short to ground or voltage in the coil control circuit.
  • There may be loose coil connectors.
  • The coil could be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0356

The steps to solve the problems generated by the fault code P0356 OBDII are:

  • Visually inspect the coil package as well as the connector. If you find any damaged wires, replace it.
  • If there is a misfire in a cylinder, switch the coil to a non-failing cylinder. Then, if the misfire is transferred to the cylinder with the exchanged coil, the coil is defective and must be replaced. But if see the misfire continues into the same cylinder, the problem is in the control circuit.
  • To check the proper operation in the control circuit, check if the reading is between 5 and 20 Hz by using a meter of the AC Hertz scale. If there is no such signal, check the DC voltage in the coil connector drive circuit. If there is a voltage on that wire that indicates a short circuit to voltage, repair it.
  • Verify continuity between the PCM and the coil. If there is no continuity, there is a short to ground in the circuit. You must make the necessary repairs.
  • If there is continuity, check the resistance between the ground and the coil connector. There has to be infinite resistance. If not, the coil drive circuit is shorted to ground.

Codes related to P0356

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