Description of DTC code P0350

The function of the ignition system is to convert the battery voltage to the high voltage used to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder. We find the primary side In the ignition system, and it includes the battery, the ignition switch, the coil, an activation mechanism, and a switching device. Also, there is a secondary side, the coil pack and the spark plugs are inside in it.

The coil is used to transform the low voltage of the primary circuit to a high voltage on the secondary side. This voltage is needed to activate the plugs. DTC code P0350 OBD2 refers to the control circuit of the coil. It is set when it is detected that one of the circuits in the ignition coil is not completing by the time the ground pulse is applied. When this happens, this code is stored and the Check Engine light is illuminated.

Symptoms of fault code P0350

  • Engine warning lamp (MIL) is on.
  • Establishing misfire codes.
  • It lowers engine performance.
  • Fuel efficiency decreases.

Causes of OBD2 P0350

The diagnostic code P0350 OBDII is set when:

  • There are defects in the electrical circuit of the coil.
  • The coil may be defective.
  • The ignition system relay may be in bad condition.
  • Fuses or their links with damage.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0350

To solve the error code P0350 OBD2, you must do this:

  • Inspect the coil. Look for worn, broken, or corroded wires. Change them if necessary.
  • If the power failure is currently active, exchange the coil with another cylinder. Use a scanner to see the fault counter, in case the misfire moves to the cylinder of the exchanged coil, the coil is defective, change it.
  • To make sure the coil is in good condition, use a DVOM (Digital Volt-Ohm Meter) to check the battery voltage at the coil connector when the ignition is active. If no voltage is present, use the information source to find out the source of the voltage so that you can find blown fuses or defective relays. Note that when a fuse is blown, it is due to a short circuit.
  • In case the fuses are in good condition and you do not find problems in them, use the meter to test the continuity and resistance of the circuits. For doing these tests, you must disconnect all related controllers to avoid damage. Then, compare the results with the specifications, and if they do not meet the requirements, repair or replace the circuits.

Codes related to P0350

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