Description of DTC code P0299

Diagnostic code P0299 OBD2 indicates stopping that the turbocharger pressure is not within the expected range. This is detected by the PCM (Power Train Control Module).

In the normal operation of a supercharged vehicle, the air entering the engine is pressurized and this contributes to the power of the engine. When this DTC code is established, a low power performance can be noted.

The turbochargers are driven from the exhaust to use a turbine that works as a reinforcement of the air intake. It is located above the intake side of the engine and is generally driven by a belt and proceeds to reinforce more intake air, this, without having any connection with the escape.

Symptoms of fault code P0299

  • Check Engine light turns on.
  • Instability in the engine.
  • Power loss.
  • Increase fuel consumption.

Causes of OBD2 P0299

If the fault code P0299 OBD II has been established, it means that one or more of the following problems has occurred:

  • The oil pressure can be low.
  • Failures in the EGR (Recirculation of Exhaust Gases) system.
  • There may be an air leak.
  • ICP sensor (Injection Control Pressure) defective.
  • The turbocharger may be stuck or damaged.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0299

The steps for the diagnosis and correct repair of the DTC code P0299 are:

  • Look for technical service bulletins (TBS), since your problem can be known by the manufacturer and in this way, you save time and money.
  • Perform a visual inspection of the air intake system for loose or disconnected hoses. Proceed to repair or change if you see it necessary.
  • Check if the solenoid of the turbocharger gas regulation valve works correctly.
  • If you do not find problems in the air system, you can check the purge valve, sensors and related regulators. If you have to perform these steps, you must have the specific repair manual for your vehicle.

Codes related to P0299

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