Description of DTC code P0269

The Engine Control Module (ECM) continually checks that the engine is working properly, intending to ensure that the engine's power output is at its best. To achieve this, it uses actuators and sensors, which help to determine whether the engine is working within the parameters set by the manufacturer.

In the case of fuel injectors, they are electronic devices that are responsible for entering the fuel into the manifold or cylinder. The power of these components of the combustion system is controlled by the ECM. While the power stroke of each of the cylinders is running, the ECM proceeds to check that the injectors are performing properly. If the P0269 OBDII fault code is set, it is because the ECM detected that cylinder 3 has had a problem delivering fuel to it.

This is a generic code, so it is kind of normal to all manufacturers. The source of the fault code could be the same one, however, the manufacturer of a specific model may experience a defective part or it could be an installation error.

Symptoms of fault code P0269

  • Check Engine light illuminates.
  • Reduced engine efficiency.
  • Difficulty when accelerating.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency.
  • Exhaust may have to be regenerated after repairs on a diesel engine.
  • The engine may lock up or have other driving symptoms related to a failing or misfiring cylinder.

Causes of OBD2 P0269

The factors for which the P0269 OBD2 diagnostic code is set are:

  • The electrical connector on the injector delivering fuel to cylinder 3 may have been damaged.
  • The fuel injector may be blocked.
  • The injector on cylinder 3 may be in bad condition.
  • Engine mechanical problems may require additional diagnostics to identify problems.
  • The injector O-ring seals have compression leakage around them. This would have compression blowing around the injector.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0269

To troubleshoot the DTC P0269 OBDII code you should consider the following:

  • Before starting the diagnosis we recommend that you consult the TSB (Technical Service Bulletins).
  • Verify that the injector connector is in good condition. Make sure the terminals are not bent or corroded. Make any necessary repairs
  • Use a voltmeter to verify that the injector power supply is correct to achieve good injector performance. This value should match the one specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it is indicative that there is an open circuit, repair it.
  • Check the fuel injector and make sure it is not physically damaged or clogged. You should make the appropriate adjustments or replace it if necessary.
  • If the fault persists, start the engine and  leave it running with the cleaner until it stops.
  • Tighten the fuel return line with a needle nose vise.
  • Remove the Shrader valve from the fuel pump test port on the fuel rail. Assemble the hose to the test port.
  • Screw the injector cleaner can onto the hose and wait a few seconds for the cleaner to pressurize the fuel rail. Start the engine and let it run with the cleaner until it stops.
  • Pull the cleaner hose away from the test port and reinstall the Shrader valve. Then pull the return line clamps off the return line and install the fuel pump fuse.
  • Erase the fault code and reset the PCM using a common code reader.
  • Start the engine. If rough idle persists and the code returns, replace the fuel injector.

Codes related to P0269

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