Description of DTC code P0232

The vehicle's computer activates the fuel pump relay, which powers the fuel pump. When activated, voltage is delivered to the pump, in addition to pressurizing the fuel system. There are vehicle models that have a feedback circuit, where voltage is provided to the fuel pump.

This feedback circuit is constantly monitored by the PCM to ensure that the necessary voltage is being sent to the fuel pump. If a high voltage is detected when the pump is not activated, the DTC P0232 OBDII code will be set next to the Check Engine lamp.

Symptoms of fault code P0232

  • MIL (Engine Malfunction) light illuminated.
  • The fuel pump operates with the ignition key in the off position.

Causes of OBD2 P0232

The reasons for storing the P0232 OBD2 diagnostic code are as follows:

  • The fuel pump may have a bad relay.
  • There may be a short voltage in the fuel pump supply voltage.
  • There is likely a short to ground in the PCM.
  • The pump circuit relay may be faulty.
  • Possibly the relay driver is shorted to the ground internally.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0232

When troubleshooting the P0232 OBDII error code you should consider the following:

  • One of the symptoms of this code is that the fuel pump works continuously even when the engine is off. If this is the case, after turning off the engine wait a few seconds for the PCM to complete its fuel pump cycle, then with a voltmeter read the voltage of the pump in the fuel tank. If the result of the reading shows a voltage present at the pump with the vehicle off, remove the relay. Again measure with the voltmeter and if the voltage continues to appear or the pump continues to run, there is a short in the voltage in the voltage supply circuit. Repairs should be made accordingly.
  • If on the other hand the voltage disappears or the pump stops running, you must replace the relay.
  • If after replacing the relay the voltage still appears, the relay control circuit is shorted to the ground. You must repair it. To do this, remove the relay.

Codes related to P0232

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