Description of DTC code P0172

The diagnostic code P0172 OBDII means that an O2 oxygen sensor in bank 1 found that there is not enough oxygen in the exhaust. Remember that in 6, 8- and 10-cylinder engines, bank 1 belongs to the part of the engine that has cylinder #1.

This DTC Code is very similar to code P0175, and your car may indicate both codes at the same time.

Symptoms of fault code P0172

  • It is likely that there is no problem when driving the vehicle.
  • During engine start there are faults.

Causes of OBD2 P0172

  • It is likely that the MAF sensor is defective or dirty.
  • Maybe the filter is dirty or have oil.
  • There may be a vacuum leak.
  • There are difficulties in fuel pressure.
  • Fuel Pump Check Valve Failures.
  • The PCV valve indicates a fault or a leak.
  • EGR valve
  • A flue gas leak is located before the lambda sensor.
  • Leaks from The Evaporative Emission Control System

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0172

  • Purify the MAF sensor and remember that it must be dry in order to install it, otherwise it could be damaged.
  • Check the PCV valve and all vacuum hoses, and if there is any failure in these components, replace it.
  • Check the fuel pressure.
  • Verify the fuel pump.
  • Fuel injectors should be cleaned if dirty.

Codes related to P0172

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