Description of DTC code P0132

The diagnostic code P0132 OBD2 refers to the Oxygen Sensor (O2) number 1 which is located in bank number 1. Basically, it indicates that the Oxygen Sensor (O2) reading is above the normal range, This sensor for a long time has had too high a voltage and does not switch over again. This diagnostic code must be attended to very quickly, because if it remains on for a long time, the 3-way Catalytic Converter (TWC) can get damaged.

Symptoms of fault code P0132

Causes of OBD2 P0132

The factors that can lead to the establishment of fault code P0132 OBD II can be:

  • Very high fuel temperature.
  • There may be a short circuit in the heating element circuit O2 (Oxygen Sensor).
  • Oxygen sensor cables may be broken or defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0132

The steps for the repair of P0132 code are the following:

  • You must perform an inspection of all the cables that have to do with the Oxygen Sensor (O2). Observe their condition, that they do not have defects or that they are not touching with any component. In case you find any inconsistency, you can proceed to perform the respective repair or even, if necessary, replace.
  • Change the Oxygen Sensor (O2).

Codes related to P0132

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