P0101 - Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range Problem


Description of DTC code P0101

The MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) is located in the intake air stream, and is responsible for measuring both the flow and the density of air entering the engine. The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) uses this reading together with other parameters of the sensor, with the objective that the supply of fuel is guaranteed, so that, at a given moment, there is an optimum power and the fuel efficiency is the necessary one.

The DTC code P0101 gives us to understand that there is a problem with the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) and that the PCM has detected that the frequency signal of this sensor is not within the necessary range, which should be default of the value that has already been calculated by the same MAF sensor.

Symptoms of fault code P0101

  • The Check Engine light is on.
  • When the vehicle is running, the engine presents difficulties.
  • There is a very high fuel consumption.
  • An excessive amount of smoke expelled through the exhaust pipe is detected.

Causes of OBD2 P0101

A code P0101 may have one or more of the following problems:

  • The MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) can have elements or dirt that contaminate it.
  • The MAF sensor could be presenting errors.
  • Air leaks in the intake system.
  • The cables and electrical connectors of the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor may be defective.
  • The catalyst could be clogged. (This is very common in Chevrolet vehicles).
  • As soon as the vehicle slows down, the MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) can lose vacuum, resulting in the DTC code P0101.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0101

To solve the DTC code P0101 you can check the following components:

  • Check that there is no contamination in the air intake system, such as dust or oil, if you find some of these elements you can replace the air filter. If the air intake system has a mesh, make sure it is clean.
  • Observe the electrical wiring and the MAF sensor connectors and check that they are not worn or broken. In case of defective replace them.
  • Make sure that there is no air leak in the air intake system.
  • Carefully clean the MAF sensor.
  • Check that there are no vacuum leaks in the MAF sensor.
  • Use the back pressure method in the exhaust, in this way you can determine if the Catalytic Converter is clogged.

Note: if it is necessary to change the MAF sensor, it is recommended to use original equipment.

Codes related to P0101

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