Description of DTC code P008A

Low fuel pressure systems are typically used on a diesel engine. In these systems, the injection pump delivers enough fuel pressure to the engine to properly atomize the fuel. For this reason, the injection pump needs to have a sufficient amount of fuel. The ECM (Engine Control Module) supervises this system, taking into account that if the fuel pump or injector introduces air during a low load, the results will be serious problems.

When the ECM detects that the low fuel pressure system does not have the required pressure, the DTC P008A OBDII code will be set.

The on-board diagnostics (OBD) checks your vehicle's performance through a network of sensors and alerts you to potential problems. Fault codes, such as P008A, help you understand the nature of a potential problem within your vehicle.

Figuring out what caused a DTC to set can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Proper diagnosis requires the vehicle owner or a mechanic to narrow down the problem from a list of possible causes.

With the right tools and the right information, it is possible to resolve the root problem behind P008A. Repair manuals and vehicle-specific databases are the best sources of information, as they contain step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations. Find out its symptoms and possible causes with this brief guide.

Symptoms of fault code P008A

  • Check Engine light illumination.
  • Difficult engine start.
  • Noticeable reduction in engine power.
  • Reduced throttle response.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Increased exhaust emissions are noticeable.

Causes of OBD2 P008A

The factors for which the P008A OBD2 fault code is set up are:

  • Fuel may be contaminated.
  • The fuel filter could have blockages or obstructions.
  • A fuel line could be bad.
  • A faulty fuel injector may be present.
  • The low-pressure fuel pump may be deficient.
  • PCM failure.
  • Wiring problem.
  • Fuel aerated (diesel engines)
  • FPCM failure

Possible solutions of the DTC code P008A

To resolve the P008A OBDII diagnostic code you must do the following:

  • To start the diagnosis we invite you to consult the TSB (Technical Service Bulletins).
  • Check the system for fuel leaks that may cause a pressure level below the required. Make any necessary repairs.
  • Inspects the low fuel pressure filter and check the filter for damage. These require replacement as a maintenance plan.
  • Check the fuel injectors for damage resulting in reduced fuel flow. Make the corresponding adjustments.
  • Check the diagnostic data and flash the chart to make sure there is no P1250 code, which could mean the problem is just poor or absent fuel and not a faulty sensor.
  • Replace the low-side fuel pressure sensor and clear the fault codes. It is necessary to rerun the diagnostics to determine if the code is gone.
  • It is valuable to hang on until running the additional diagnostics on the low-side sensor before making any replacements of other fuel system components, such as the fuel filter, pump control module, or fuel pump.

Codes related to P008A

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