Description of DTC code P0059

DTC P0059 OBDII is set when the vehicle's computer detects a fault in the Oxygen Sensor (O2) heater element circuit number 1 of bank 2.

These sensors have a heater to preheat the sensor under cold start conditions. This is connected to the sensor wiring harness. The Control Area Network (CAN) connects the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to the Oxygen Sensor wiring harness.

The information sent from the Oxygen Sensor to the PCM is the percentage of oxygen particles present in the exhaust compared to ambient oxygen. In case the PCM finds a resistance level of the O2 Sensor circuit higher than the limits already set by the manufacturer, the Check Engine lamp will light up along with this code.

Symptoms of fault code P0059

  • MIL light illuminated.
  • Hard or delayed start.
  • An excessive amount of black smoke is expelled from the exhaust.
  • Fuel efficiency is affected.

Causes of OBD2 P0059

The reasons for the P0059 OBD2 error code being set are as follows:

  • The Oxygen Sensor may be faulty.
  • The Oxygen Sensor wires could be disconnected or bad.
  • A blown fuse or fuse link.
  • Perhaps the engine control relay is faulty.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0059

For proper diagnosis and subsequent correction of the problems accompanying the P0059 OBDII fault code you must do the following:

  • Consult the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).
  • Inspect the electrical system. If there are wires near exhaust components, you should check for wear or burn spots. Also, check the connectors as they may be corroded. Replace any components found to be defective.
  • Use a Digital Volt-Ohm Meter to test fuses and fuse links. Replace any fuses that are in bad condition. Then clear the code.
  • Replace the Oxygen Sensor.

Codes related to P0059

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