Description of DTC code P0057

The Oxygen Sensor (O2) inputs are used by the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) to calculate the oxygen content in the exhaust. These sensors have a heating element that allows the engine to enter the closed circuit in less time. In this way, cold starts are diminished.

The PCM constantly monitors the circuits of that heater to check for out-of-range voltages, or in some cases abnormal amperages. The PCM activates the heater under various circumstances. If a low voltage condition is found in the circuit, the DTC code P0057 OBDII will be set. This code refers to Oxygen Sensor number 2 found in bank 2.

Symptoms of fault code P0057

  • The engine warning light (Check Engine) turns on.
  • Difficulty in starting.
  • The fuel surge is increasing.
  • There's a loss of power.
  • Idle driving deficiencies.
  • Black smoke visible from the exhaust pipe.

Causes of OBD2 P0057

The fault code P0057 OBD2 is set due to:

  • Short to ground on the O2 Sensor control circuit.
  • Defective heater controller.
  • The Oxygen Sensor heater may be defective.
  • Physical damage to the Oxygen Sensor.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0057

If the error code P0057 OBDII is established, take into account these suggestions:

  • Inspect the Oxygen Sensor wires on bank number 2. If they are damaged, make the repairs or replace them if necessary. Also, make sure the wires are far enough away from the exhaust components.
  • Disconnect the Oxygen Sensor and with the key in the ignition position and the engine off, check for 12 volts.
  • Check the heater control circuit, make sure it's not damaged. Check with the manufacturer's specifications for correct resistance levels. Measure with an ohmmeter and if the resistance turns out to be infinite, the Oxygen Sensor is defective, you must replace it.

Codes related to P0057

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