Description of DTC code P0050

The correct function of the engine depends largely on the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio: 14.7.1. To achieve this, the ECM (Engine Control Module) depends on the readings of the Oxygen Sensors (HO2S), which notices the oxygen content in the exhaust.

The information regarding the oxygen content in the exhaust is sent to the ECM. Then, the vehicle computer adjusts the fuel that goes to the engine. The Oxygen Sensors have a circuit that operates a heating device, which is responsible for increasing the temperature of the sensor, thereby shortening the time needed by the engine to achieve a closed cycle, reducing emissions.

If the ECM finds a fail in the heater circuit of Oxygen Sensor Number 1 in bank 2, the error code P0050 OBDII is set and the Check Engine light is illuminated.

Symptoms of fault code P0050

  • MIL (Engine Malfunction) light on.
  • The time to achieve a closed cycle is extended.

Causes of OBD2 P0050

The reasons for setting the error code P0050 OBDII are

  • Problems in the ground or power supply to the Oxygen Sensor
  • High resistance of the O2 Sensor heater.
  • Open circuit in the O2 heater.
  • The Oxygen Sensor heater may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0050

The corresponding steps for the correction of the DTC code P0050 OBDII are

  • Check the Oxygen Sensor, as it may have been impacted, causing the heater to be damaged. Also, check the cables related to the sensor, if you find problems with them, repair or replace them.
  • By using a scanning tool, check the heater circuit. If the data flow on the tool shows 0 amps, there is an opening in the circuit. Also check the fuses, as they may be blown. Replace if necessary.
  • Use a voltmeter to check the circuit power, for this you must have the key in the on position and the engine off. There should be 12 volts for the heater. If not, you must repair the short in the power circuit.
  • If the power circuit is OK, remove the ground circuit from the ECM's wiring connector and check the resistance. If the resistance is infinite, there is a short in the circuit, repair it.
  • Change the Oxygen Sensor.

Codes related to P0050

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