Description of DTC code P0033

The DTC P0033 OBDII code is stored because the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) gets an atypical input signal from the turbocharger bypass valve control circuit. This signal is not in the manufacturer's specifications.

The PCM is in charge of the turbocharger bypass valve control. Sometimes it is commanded by a boost controller. Regardless of the case, the PCM calculates the input data from various turbocharger sensors in addition to the engine control. It determines the necessary position for the turbocharger bypass valve. It should be noted that the valve electronically regulates the boost pressure before it enters the intake manifold of the engine.

A small electronic motor is used to activate the valve. Then, the engine receives voltage or ground output signals from either the boost controller or the PCM. The signal wire from the turbocharger control circuit allows the PCM to monitor the system voltage. If a voltage is not within a predetermined range, the Check Engine light turns on along with this code. It should be noted that it is necessary to solve this code because there could be excessive boost pressure in the turbocharger.

Symptoms of fault code P0033

  • MIL light turns on.
  • The engine performance is reduced.
  • Noises coming from the turbocharger.
  • An excessive amount of smoke comes out of the exhaust.
  • Engine or transmission temperature rises.
  • Other codes can be stored with the turbocharger supercharger.

Causes of OBD2 P0033

To solve the P0033 OBD2 fault code, try this:

  • The turbocharger bypass valve actuator may be faulty.
  • The turbocharger bypass valve may be damaged so it cannot work properly.
  • The vacuum line may be disconnected or collapsed.
  • The Boost Pressure Sensor may be defective.
  • Sensor wires or connectors may be shorted.
  • A bad adjustment of the electrical connectors.
  • The booster controller is in poor condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0033

To solve the P0033 OBDII diagnostic code, try this:

  • Check for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).
  • Test the reinforcement tension to make sure it is enough. Check with the specifications. If you find that the actual pressure is below what is needed, the turbocharger should be repaired. Check hoses and other components because they may be leaking.
  • Change the Boost Pressure Sensor.
  • Check the continuity as well as the voltage of the system circuit to make sure it is within the manufacturer's specifications.


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