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Description of DTC code P0024 Generic

The DTC code P0024 OBDII has to do with the Valve Variable Timing (VVT). This is a system used in engines to obtain greater power at different operating points.

If the cam timing is above a limit set by the manufacturer, the Check Engine light is illuminated and this code is set. Usually, the cause of this code is a lack of oil lubrication.

Symptoms of fault code P0024 Generic

  • MIL (Engine Malfunction) light on.
  • Lowers fuel efficiency
  • Engine stalling.

Causes of OBD2 P0024 Generic

The reasons for setting the fault code P0024 OBD2 are

  • Incorrect timing of the camshaft
  • Problems in the electrical system of the timing valve control solenoid.
  • Oil pass to the piston chamber.
  • The valve control solenoid may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0024 Generic

The steps to solve the problems caused by the error code P0024 OBDII are the following:

  • Change the oil and filter if the viscosity is not good.
  • Perform a visual inspection of all electrical connections. Also, check the condition of the oil control valve, if you find problems with any of them, you should change them.


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