Description of DTC code P0021

The code P0021 OBD2 refers to the components of the Variable Valve Timing system (VVT) or Variable Cam Timing (VCT).

The VVT ​​ (Variable Valve Timing) technology is used in the engines, with the aim that this one obtains more power in its different points of operation.

The code P0021 specifically indicates that the timing of the camshaft is above the limit already established. The camshaft A is the intake camshaft, being left or forward. This diagnostic code is similar to P0011, unlike that P0021 specifies that it is for bank 2.

Symptoms of fault code P0021

  • Check Engine light turns on.
  • When starting the engine, it can be a poor or poor start.

Causes of OBD2 P0021

A fault code P0021 means that one or more of the following problems has occurred:

  • Perhaps there is a constant flow of oil to the VCT piston chamber.
  • Incorrect timing of the Camshaft.
  • The wiring in the inlet valve control solenoid system may be defective.
  • The timing valve control solenoid may be faulty or stuck.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0021

When the diagnostic code P0021 OBD II is established, you can do the following to correct it:

  • This DTC code is established due to mechanical failure, for this reason an electrical diagnosis is not necessary. Therefore, you should consult the repair manual specific to the manufacturer of your vehicle and thus you can perform component tests for the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) unit. You can use a scan tool to check the operation of the components.

Codes related to P0021

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