Description of DTC code P0000

DTC code P0000 OBD2 is not often seen, as this is an invalid code. For that reason most devices that perform diagnostic code readings do not display this code. Basically, the description indicates that "Problem diagnostic codes were not found" or the code is unknown.

It is worth mentioning that, this diagnostic code belongs to the series of generic codes because of its composition, i.e. this is P00 and the rest is P00xx, so it could be misinterpreted. But it must be taken into account that this is an invalid code.

Symptoms of fault code P0000

  • The Check Engine light may come on.
  • The symptoms you notice will be related to other fault codes, but not the established one.

Causes of OBD2 P0000

The reasons why the fault code P0000 can be set are

  • The scanning tool you have used may be limited in capacity.
  • The automotive scanner is not compatible with your vehicle model. For example, a multipurpose device connected to the OBD II port.

Possible solutions of the DTC code P0000

  • If the code is set, but there are no problems while driving, you should delete the code and see if it comes back. If it comes back, you must use a more advanced scanning tool to delete it.
  • If there are symptoms related to other diagnostic codes you should focus on resolving the other codes.
  • Use a more advanced scanning tool. You should check with the manufacturer's specifications to see if the tool is compatible with your vehicle.

Codes related to P0000

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