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    What is the MAF sensor?

    The MAF sensor is the one that goes between the air filter box and the acceleration body. which consists of a heating element that measures the mass of air entering the engine.

    It contains an internal resistor or platinum fine wire, which is known as hot wire, and it comes close to a temperature of 200°C when the engine starts, changing the resistance value thanks to cooling. When the air is accepted by the intake manifold with respect to the engine load. A large amount of air in the intake manifests acceleration, and conversely, a small amount of air mass indicates deceleration.

    How does the MAF Sensor work?

    This sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine and, thus the Engine Control Unit (ECU) knows how much fuel will be dispensed to the injectors.

    The Mass Air Flow sensor sends a signal to the ECM (Engine Control module), which uses it to determine the fuel injection duration as well as the ignition time, with the objective that the air-fuel ratio will be the most ideal.

    That sensor can grab dirt, and therefore stops transferring information correctly, so it does not do as the work was expected. Although the intake circuit has an air filter that is located before the Mass Flow Air Sensor (MAF), an element may also leak into the hot wire. When values outside established specifications are recorded, the engine may lose power or a diagnostic code may be established.



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