What is the EOBD protocol?

The protocol or system EOBD or Diagnostic on European Board, are a band of standards deployed in Europe since the year 2000. This European regulation has forced the producers of vehicles to place diagnostic machines to their new vehicles with standardized interfaces and connectors. Additionally, these manufacturers are also required to disclose or publish important details of their diagnostic systems.

What is the purpose of the EOBD protocol of a vehicle?

Through this system EOBD identifies all types of error codes that presents the vehicle, which is recorded on the car's computer. The EOBD system in conjunction with the computer performs an analysis of the following systems: ignition, injection, abs, among others; in this way the time that can be lost is minimized by looking for problems and breakdowns. Additionally, it controls the emissions of exhaust gases that pollute the environment.

Operation of the EOBD system

The EOBD system works through sensors that are closely related to the vehicle's exchange or computer; when a fault occurs, this system turns on a warning light on the dashboard for the driver to perform the respective analysis or diagnosis.

This EOBD protocol controls important functions in both gasoline-powered and diesel-fueled vehicles.

Engines Powered by Gasoline

  • It controls the electronic system.
  • Check the performance of the catalyst.
  • Analyze the combustion system.
  • Control the sensors of the electrical system.
  • Perform leak diagnostics.
  • Check the sensors involved in the emission of exhaust gases.

Diesel Engines

  • Verify failures in combustion.
  • Analyze the EGR system.
  • Manage the beginning of the injection.
  • Check the electrical and electronic sensors.

Characteristics of the EOBD Protocol

  • Registers the delay time from when a fault appears until the diagnosis is made.
  • It uses "maps" in the inputs to the sensors according to the operating conditions of the engine.
  • Each component adapts to the system calibrating empirically.
  • Diagnostic machines can be activated through WiFi, bluetooth, installation software using a computer or any mobile device.

What cars work with the EOBD system?

The EOBD regulations began to be applied in Europe, to all the new cars of the different manufacturing companies, with gasoline engines since 2000, with diesel engines since 2003 and since 2005 it is also mandatory in buses and heavy vehicles with more than 3.5 tons.


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