ELM327 WiFi

The ELM327 WiFi, is one of the simplest and easiest to use interfaces on the market and this is due to its practical way of connecting. Next we'll talk about what it is and what it offers users.

What is the ELM327 WiFi

It is a scanner that is used in automotive mechanics to make a diagnosis of fault codes that can be recorded in both the vehicle systems and its electrical sensors.

Unlike other interfaces, the ELM327 WiFi works with wireless connection, which makes it capable of connecting to any electronic device (laptop, Smartphone or tablet) regardless of its operating system (Windows, iOS and Android).

ELM327 WiFi features

This small but extraordinary tool has unique characteristics that have consolidated it as one of the most sold in the automotive market. Here are some of them:

  • It can perform an analysis of oxygen (O2) sensor values, engine RPM performance, fuel pressure, air flow, vehicle temperature, among others.
  • It works with most vehicles with EOBD, OBD and CAN-BUS protocol.
  • Compatible with different makes and models of existing cars: Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, among others.
  • With ELM327 WiFi it is possible to read and correct the faults registered by the ECU of the car through the EOBD and OBDII protocol, erasing the Check Engine light from the dashboard.
  • Gets all data in real time from the vehicle.

Advantages of the ELM327 WiFi

Thanks to the technology, the ELM327 WiFi has brought many benefits to users, both mechanical and private, saving time and money. Let's take a look at some of its advantages:

  • It is the best in communication, since it does not require any cable to connect.
  • It has high power in the transfer of data to the receiving device.
  • Its size is ideal and its weight is light, which makes it easy to carry, it can even be carried in a pocket.
  • It allows to visualize all the data of the vehicle in real time, even if the car is in movement.
  • It is compatible with the vast majority of programs or software designed to read and transmit data from the control panel of the vehicle.
  • It is easily found in the market and at affordable prices.

Disadvantages of using the ELM327 WiFi

Although, in general terms, the ELM327 WiFi is in one of the first places as far as diagnostic machines are concerned, it is necessary to mention some disadvantages that have arisen in its use:

  • It does not allow a reprogramming of the ECM of the car.
  • There are some brands and models of vehicles that are not compatible with the ELM327 WiFi.
  • There is a chance that the connection with some Apple devices (iOS) will fail.
  • If the connection to the wireless network is very weak, the data transmission will be interrupted.

How to use and connect the ELM327 WiFi?

The use of the ELM327 WiFi will largely depend on the device you are currently using and its ability to connect to the WiFi wireless network.

The first thing to do is to set up wireless networks. In the option "Settings" < Networks < WiFi the option OBD2 ELM327 will appear, it is clicked or selected. When it is activated, the application or program that is going to receive the data transfer from the control unit or computer of the vehicle is opened.

It is important to note that depending on the device, it will ask for some additional data such as the model and make of the vehicle.

How to connect the ELM327 WiFi?

You must start the vehicle and locate the OBD2 port of 16 pins, once found, connect the interface ELM327 WiFi, immediately turn on the red LED light, indicating that it is already activated. Then look for the OBD2 ELM327 WiFi connection on the receiver (Smartphone, tablet or laptop) and activate it.

How to configure the ELM327 WiFi?

To configure the ELM327 WiFi must take into account the operating system of the receiving electronic device: (Android, iOS and Windows).

  • It is very simple, just configure the WiFi wireless network that should appear as OBD2, ELM327 or OBDII, you must select and enter the manufacturer's key. Then, open the app you have installed (one of the most used is Torque Pro) and it will automatically start recording and displaying all the information from the car computer.
  • It proceeds in much the same way as Android. Search for the configuration in networks, select the one that appears as OBDII or ELM327, ask for the manufacturer's password, it is placed and will be activated. When you open the app (for example OBD2 Scanner that can be downloaded in Spanish) you will be prompted for the make of vehicle. Once you select it, it will start transferring data.
  • Windows. If the device to be used is a computer, it must have a card for WiFi wireless networks, on the other hand, if it is a laptop, it already has it integrated. You must look for the WiFi network connection and select the one that appears as OBDII or ELM327, if you request the password, you must place the one supplied by the manufacturer of the scanner. like Android and iOS, to carry out the data transmission Windosws also needs a program (one of the most used is the ScanMaster PC) that will immediately start receiving the data transmission. this configuration is done only once.

For all the above mentioned, if you are looking for a diagnosis machine that is comfortable, easy to use and above all very efficient when making the diagnosis, look no further, the ELM327 WiFi is the right one for you!


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