Due to the virtues of the ELM327 USB scanner, most automotive mechanics professionals and some amateurs prefer it. What makes it so special? We'll answer this question below.

What is the ELM327 USB?

It is an excellent tool that is used as a bridge in conjunction with the vehicle's OBD2 and EOBD protocol, it can read and transmit all data from the car's central unit to the receiving device; in addition, it can record fault codes, as well as display engine performance and the behavior of the car's sensors.

Features of the ELM327 USB

The ELM327 USB has some features that make it unique:

  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac computers.
  • The connection is direct with a high speed USB cable.
  • Used in vehicles with OBDII and EOBD protocol, regardless of make and model.
  • It supports SAE J1850 VPW and SAE J1850 PWM protocols.
  • Matches with Advanced Engine Check software.

Advantages of using the ELM327 USB

The ELM327 USB scanner has benefits that accredit it as the number one tool used by professionals in the field. Some of these are:

  • It provides security at the moment of transmitting the data, since when using connection cable, it is less probable that there is an interruption in the communication.
  • It transmits data at high speed and with precision.
  • It can be connected with a USB OTG adapter cable for use with Smartphone or Android tablet.
  • It is compatible with programs such as Torque, SCAN TOOL, Modiag, among others.
  • Expresses detailed diagnostic information in real time.
  • Provides graphics and parameters of the vehicle's systems and sensors.
  • Allows the printing of recorded reports.
  • Affordable prices in the market.

How to use the ELM327 USB?

The use of this tool is really simple, just have the vehicle turned on at minimum and verify the location of the OBD2 port of it. Once you have it located, you must connect the ELM327 USB, it will immediately turn on the red LED light that will indicate that the scanner is ready to transmit the data from the ECU of the car to the PC receiver.

How to connect and configure the ELM327 USB?

When the ELM327 USB scanner is connected and ready to the OBDII port, it should be connected to the receiving PC. The drivers or drivers should then be installed and when they are already installed the automatic installer of the PC should be allowed to complete the full installation.

Then, verify that a COM device and a USB device are installed in the device manager. Then, open the software that will read the diagnosis.

The connection must be made manually and once it is activated, the computer will recognize the ELM327 USB device without any problems and will begin to perform the data transfer in detail.

In conclusion, we can say that if you purchase an ELM327 USB scanner, you will have the best ally you can have when diagnosing failures in vehicles, offering security, accuracy and speed, which will allow you a quick solution and save time and money. Don't wait any longer!


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